WAC2 HTTP IoT Wiegand Access Controller (HS Code : 85437000, MADE IN CHINA)

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Dimensions : 78 x 112 x 25 mm

The controller provides two Wiegand RFID reader interface and two relays output for controlling door access. 

Support wiegand  26bit or 34bit devices (auto detect). 

WAC2 User Manual https://avea.cc/wac2/


WAC2 is an access controller which embedded with Ethernet connection and using HTTP for communication control protocol. Hence, it can communicate directly with Apache Web Server or Microsoft Internet Information Server. WAC2 provides 3,000 access cards and 50,000 access logs records.

It is implemented as a HTTP web client. Various page extension is selectable, like .php, .asp, .cfm, .pl, .htm, .html and .aspx. So various HTTP server systems (e.g. IIS and ASP from Microsoft; Apache with PHP enabled and mySQL database server from Unix/Linux), a complete and powerful time attendance system can easily be implemented.

When cards are presented, the transaction information is stored inside the memory of the reader with 50,000 records allowed. The record is looked up from the local access table with 3,000 records allowed. If access allowed, it will engaged the relay to allow door open. The memory is retained even power is lost.

Whenever there is network connection and the server is running, those records will be sent to the server. Upon confirmation by the server, the controller will be told to delete the records accordingly.


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