RFID Reader

Welcome to the new generation of RFID reader. RFID reader with relay control. NO controller is needed. Plug directly into your pc or network.

The RFID reader acts as a vital link between the information stored in RFID tags and the overarching system. By being connected to an antenna, the reader captures the data encoded within the tags, which is subsequently transmitted to the system for processing within various business applications. Within this context, AVEA offers RFID readers that are proficient in extracting the ID information from two distinct card types, namely the 125 kHz low-frequency and the 13.56 MHz high-frequency cards. Both of these frequency ranges permit a concise reading range of under 10cm (equivalent to 4 inches). This capability makes them exceedingly suitable for deployment in a spectrum of applications, such as access control, time attendance tracking, ticketing, payment processing, and data transfer functionalities.

Our product lineup encompasses a diverse array of options, ranging from the most straightforward USB keyboard readers to more advanced models featuring interfaces like RS232, RS485, and Ethernet IoT connectivity.